DIY Glitter Shoes

by Kyndra Bailey

Hey everyone! I had originally planned today's blog to be all about the hopes, dreams, and wishes behind KYBI. But when. I looked at my calendar and realized I could line this red, white, and blue tutorial up with Memorial Day, I decided to post this instead!

The funny thing about KynYouBelieveIt is that it's actually my second business. Kind of.

I learned how to make these glitter shoes when I was a junior in high school, and I loved making them so much that I opened up and Etsy shop where I could sell them. No kidding. The Etsy store was called Glitter Shoe Shop, and I sold exactly one pair to a woman in Wisconsin who loved red, white, and blue everything. Little did I know back then that I'd eventually find my way back to the world of selling handmade goods, except this time in a much more serious fashion.

So without further ado, I present to you most American-pride filled DIY tutorial in the history of ever. :)

  • blank canvas shoes (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $10, but if you plan on wearing these more often, I'd recommend going with a better brand such as Toms)
  • glitter in colors of choice (in this case – red, silver, and white)
  • fabric mod podge
  • acrylic sealer (I used mod podge brand, but any kind will do.)
  • clean foam brush
  • masking or painters tape

First you'll need to line the soles of both shoes with masking or painters tape. This will protect the soles from getting dirty, and will give the glitter on your shoes clean lines.
Since the soles of shoes are irregularly shaped, this step is most easily done with several small pieces of tape, rather than one long piece.


Next you'll need to apply fabric glue to the front portion of your shoes using your sponge brush. Be sure to make use of the brush's corners to get clean lines where the different sections meet. (Pro tip: slow and steady wins the race. Do your best to get the glue as smooth as possible, and avoid getting any glue on the other sections.)

Once you have the section covered with glue, take your glitter color of choice and sprinkle it onto the glue. (I recommend doing this step over a spare piece of paper so it's easier to pour the unused glitter back into its container.)

Repeat this step for all three sections of the shoes. Be sure not to apply glitter to the front elastic portion of your shoe; since it needs to stretch out, it's best to leave that part as is.


Allow the shoes to dry for 2-3 hours, then repeat the second step. Doing this will ensure that your shoes still look glittery even when some glitter inevitably falls off.


Allow the second layer of glue and glitter to dry, then head to a well-ventilated area to spray your shoes with acrylic sealer. Be sure not to spray too much onto the shoes, otherwise it will make the glitter appear dull. (This actually happened to me, and I had to add another layer of glue, glitter, and sealer to correct the mistake.) Follow the instructions on your sealer for the exact spray distance and dry time.

After letting the acrylic sealer dry, remove the tape from the soles of your shoes. (This step, is by far, the most satisfying part.)


Try on your shoes, and get ready to rock your new kicks!
The best part? When people ask you where you got your shoes, you can proudly say "I made them!" (Trust me, it's the best feeling EVER.)