✨ DIY Pom Pom Garland ✨

Quick story: I was at Michael's a couple of days ago (my haven) when I found myself in the yarn section. And while I love aimlessly strolling the aisles of Michael's, the yarn aisles have always been something that I never cared for. It's just yarn, and I never use it for anything... right?

For some reason, I decided to peruse the yarn section anyways; and I'm so glad I did– because I stumbled upon my new favorite thing: pom-pom makers! It was $8 for a pack of two, and of course, I had my trusty Michaels coupon. Throwing it in my cart was the easiest decision of my life. (Click here for a link to the one I bought!)

Not so easy: picking out the colors for my (hopefully) soon-to-be pom-pom garland. There was a "buy two get one free" deal, so I I picked three and decided to go with my favorite color combo: navy, light blue, and blush. 

I tried it out as soon as I got home and fell in love. I literally couldn't stop making pom-poms. It was so fun, and so. freakin. easy. Once I saw how cute my first garland came out, I knew I'd be doing a DIY tutorial for it. I hope you love it as much as I do! I'm thinking I'll be making a pom-pom garland for every holiday here on out. 

✨ Things You'll need ✨

● Yarn (as many or few colors as you'd like)
● Scissors
● Pom-pom maker (I used the large size by Clover, linked here)

FYI – these are easy to make, but it might be a bit confusing to just follow along with the pictures in this post. If videos are more your style, I learned from this one.

✨ How To: The Pom Pom ✨

The first (and most important step) in pom-pom making is to make sure each side of your pom-pom maker is lined up. If it's not lined up when you wrap your yarn, your pom-pom will come out lopsided.

You'll begin by holding the end of your yarn onto the pom-pom maker with one hand. With your other hand, begin to tightly wrap the yarn around the pom-pom maker. After a few times around, the end of the yarn will be held in place by the yarn you've wrapped.

You'll continue wrapping the yarn until you reach the center of the pom-pom maker. Then, like it's the cha-cha slide, you'll "reverse reverse." (Sorry – that was dumb.) Repeat this step (going up AND down one side) at least once. For a fuller pom-pom, do it twice. (Note that the tighter you wrap your yarn, the fuller it will turn out as well.)

Once your yarn has reached the end where you started, and you're satisfied with your wrapping, flip that side inwards. Simply bring your yarn to the other side and repeat exactly what you just did. Make sure to wrap it the same way and the same amount of times you did the first side, otherwise the pom-pom will come out uneven. Once you have that side wrapped, flip it inwards and give it a little snip.

Next, you'll want to take your scissors and insert them into the slit that's found at the center of your pom-pom maker. Making sure the blade is under all of your yarn, begin to cut all the way around the maker until all of the yarn is cut.

Then, take another piece of yarn and wrap it through the center of the pom-pom maker. Keep in mind that whatever you're planning to do with the pom-pom should determine the length of the yarn. This is the piece that will be used to eventually tie it on to things. Tie that piece of yarn into a knot, ensuring it's as tight as possible.

Open up the pom-pom maker, separate the two sides, and fluff up your pom-pom. If you notice any pieces that are longer than others, you can trim them here. And that's your pom-pom!

✨ How To: The GARLAND ✨

Create as many pom-poms as needed for your project of choice. The options are truly endless, but I decided to go with a garland for my first project.

This is the easiest part of this whole thing. Once you have all your pom-poms made, it's simply a matter of taking a separate piece of yarn and tying each pom-pom to the yarn. If you want this to be long-lasting, I would certainly suggest a more durable type of string, such as twine. I've also seen this step get done using lacing needles, but for the purposes of keeping things simple, I decided just to tie mine. Either way works!

And there you have it! Your very own pom-pom garland, created with nothing but love! Personally, I think pom-pom garlands are the end-all-be-all of holiday and everyday decor. They're cute enough to give your space a fun touch, but they don't look like they were DIY'ed! That's a win-win to me.