Mother's Day Gift Guide

I get it. Shopping for gifts is hard. Even harder when it's for the most important woman in your life. That's why I've gathered up ten gift ideas for your favorite person. Items featured below are a mixture of items from KynYouBelieveIt as well as a few of my favorite small businesses. 

custom face mugs

If you're looking for the most personalized gift of all, look no further. These face mugs are perfect for the mom who has a good sense of humor and really loves her kids.

If you know your mom's fav, this mug will make the best gift.

$20+, from KynYouBelieveIt

Custom photo illustrations

Susannah over at SL Studios By Designs can take any photo and digitize it. These illustrations are perfect for moms who love family photos as well as nice, modern decor.

$10+, from SLStudiosByDesigns

Women Empowerment Tee

 This graphic tee celebrates all the important roles that women fulfill in lives. Like the shirt says, it's the perfect item for change-makers, leaders, and women of all kinds.
(Available in five colors)

$25, from KynYouBelieveIt

Everything Is Going to BE Okay Candle

Because there are two things that are always true about moms: they LOVE candles, and they sometimes get stressed. This candle combines those two things and serves as the perfect encouragement on those not-so-easy parenting days. 

$25, from Candelles

Handmade Clay Earrings

If your mom loves a good piece of statement jewelry, you can't go wrong with these clay earrings from Copper Stone Studio. With the handmade nature and gorgeous sea foam color, your mom will be sure to love them.  

$18, from Copper Stones Studio

Raising Little Heathens Mug

For the mom who wonders whether she's raising heathens or children, this mug is the perfect gift choice. It's not always easy, but at least this large mug filled with coffee will make things a little bit easier.

$18, from KynYouBelieveIt

You Can Do Hard things Notepad

Because, as a mom, there is A LOT to remember. This notepad will make it bit easier to keep track of everything your mom would otherwise forget.

$8, from KynYouBelieveIt

Today I Choose Joy Tee

Even though some days are harder than others, your mindset has the ability to make a major difference. Give your mom the reminder to choose joy with this fun rainbow tee.

$29, from Ramble and Co.

Empowered Women Empower Women Print

The older you get, the more you realize just how big of an impact your mom had on you. If your mom is the reason you're now an empowered woman, this print will make the perfect gift. 

$10, from KynYouBelieveIt

Rainbow Pattern Mug

Because coffee tastes better in cuter mugs – it's just the facts. This rainbow mug from Rachel Allene is sure to become a staple in your mom's kitchen.

$20, from Rachel Allene