About KynYouBelieveIt

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.


KynYouBelieveIt is a small business that I started in the spring of 2019, right before I was set to graduate college.

When I first started at The University of Texas at Austin, I had intentions of pursuing an English teaching degree. However, as I grew throughout college, the fire I once had for teaching slowly disappeared, and I eventually knew it was no longer something I wanted to pursue.

Turning all the plans I had for my future upside down, I decided to start a small business on Etsy with products featuring my own hand lettering. I was certain this was what I wanted to do, as it combined my three favorite things in the world: pretty letters, DIYs, and a good challenge.

Since opening, KynYouBelieveIt has made hundreds of customers happy with goodies crafted for everyday joy - whether it be in the form of a cute mug, unique wall decor, or a fun tee. The products that I sell are intended to be a stroke of sunshine in your every day life; they're always cute, often relateable, and never boring.

Each item is hand-packaged with love at my home in San Marcos, Texas along with help from my two assistants (AKA: my dogs), Gizmo and Whitney. When I need an extra hand, my boyfriend and mother are always willing to help out with fulfillment.

When you order from KynYouBelieveIt, you're not just buying a cute product. You're supporting a small biz, cheering on for some big dreams, and showing that you care for the little people. That means SO much to all of us over here at KynYouBelieveIt, and I can't wait to send you some sunshine.