KYBI is dedicated to spreading joy and empowering women throughout the world, but that doesn't stop with the products we sell.

As women, it's our job to stand up for one another in this world – no matter our age, religious beliefs, background, ethnicity, or income.

That's why KYBI is a proud sponsor of Pretty Brown Girls – a non-profit organization based in Michigan, whose mission is to uplift young girls of color and give them a head start in life. Pretty Brown Girls works with girls in grades K-12 to cultivate their social, emotional and intellectual well-being, so they can go on to be successful in all areas of their life.

As a sponsor of Pretty Brown Girls, 5% of all KYBI profits are donated to PBG each month, and we also have several charitable products throughout the shop that donate completely to the organization. If you'd like to shop them, click here.

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