How to Send a Letter to Santa

Sending a letter to Santa is easy!

You'll want to start by grabbing these two downloads at this link. It will download as a PDF file, and you can choose to print one or both pages.

If you print both pages, have your child color in the "Dear Santa" page to their liking, and then fill out the letter to Santa. If you choose not to print out the fill-in-the-blank side, you can have them write a completely personalized message to Santa on the back!

Once they're done, have your child place it in an envelope addressed to the North Pole, and tell them you'll hand deliver it.

Once a few days have passed, come back and print this file, then add your own message from Santa to it. Place it in an envelope addressed to your child, and add it to the mail that comes in one day. Your child will be so excited to receive a letter straight from the desk of Santa!

Bonus: if you'd like to give your child the excitement of actually mailing the letter and getting a response back with a North Pole postmark, visit this link from USPS. They have an office in Anchorage, Alaska devoted to sending letters from Santa!

That's it! I'd love to see how your child customizes their letter to Santa; be sure to tag me on Instagram @kynyoubelieveit with any fun pictures you snap!