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Mental Health Journals

Meet your mental health's new BFF.

An all-in-one resource for your mental health.

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Now it's time for the hard part: picking your cover!

Don't just take my word for it...

  • The journal is great – quality materials and a fantastic layout! So excited to add this to my routine.

    Alyx – Saint Paul, MN

  • I love this journal! My therapist told me journaling would help me, but I had the hardest time starting on my own. This is perfect for me and helping me keep in check with my mental health day to day.

    Kaitlyn – Sherman, IL

  • I bought this journal during Kyndra's mental health launch. I could tell everything was well thought out and this journal is definitely helpful in everyday use and putting your mental health first.

    Farrah – Washington

Any questions?

It sure is! With its undated pages, all mental health journals are designed to be evergreen. In other words, you can use it for 9 days straight, accidentally forget about it, then come back to it when you're ready – no wasted pages involved.

My one rule for you? You can't get mad at yourself if you get off track. Take a deep breath and begin again.

All mental health journals are made in-house at KYBI headquarters. Since they are made-to-order, journal availabilty holds fairly steady and the items will rarely go out of stock.

That said, if you notice a journal is out of stock, it shouldn't be long before it's back! I'd recommend checking back within 5 business days and turning on restock notifications through the item's listing page.

Ensuring accesibility for all is incredibly important to me – that's why I started Write in the Feels! For every 2 mental health journals sold, I donate one to someone in need.

If you'd like to add your name to the journal request list, please fill out the form located here.

Yep! Click here to view the digital mental health journal.

Sure do! I sell all my best-selling products wholesale through Faire and Abound, and that includes these journals! For more information on wholesale products, please click here.

KYBI loves working with organizations, private practices, and more on bulk orders! Please head to this link to submit a bulk order request.

No worries! Feel free to email me at I will do my best to respond within 1 business day.

Accessible for All

Mental health journals are made accessible for all through the Write In The Feels program.