KynYouBelieveIt is a lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading joy and empowering women throughout the world. Just like you, KYBI items have a unique personality: often inspirational, sometimes funny, always made with love. 

KYBI's Humble Beginnings

Hey there! I'm Kyndra – founder of KynYouBelieveIt. I started KYBI in the Spring of 2019.

Right at the end of 2018, I had a bit of an early-life crisis. I was about to graduate from UT-Austin and had decided to drop my teaching program right before my student teaching semester.

But here's the thing: I was the kind of gal who always had a plan. People came to me for answers. I was never spotted without my color-coded planner by my side. I'm sure you can imagine the kind of stress I was feeling when I made this decision basically overnight. (JK – it was a decision that was years in the making, but it sure felt like I turned my life upside down out of nowhere!)

All of a sudden, I was a gal who was flyin' by the seat of her pants and who had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. (Picking out clothes every morning was hard enough, and now all of a sudden I was supposed to decide how I wanted to spend the rest of my life? Talk about pressure.)

For two months, I mulled over my options: event planner, copywriter, and PR coordinator all made it onto my short-list, but nothing felt RIGHT. It was two months of sleepless nights, endless pros/cons lists, and incessant requests for advice from everyone in a 50 mile radius.

Sometime in February of 2019 all the sleepless nights and pros/cons lists led me to truly accepting what I'd always known: I loved to make things. Like, capital-L Love. I always had this desire to sell handmade things, but I never pursued it.

I decided that it was about time to listen to my heart. On March 1, 2019, KynYouBelieveIt was born.

KYBI's mission: to inspire, empower, and spread joy with quality products.

To inspire: when you use KYBI products, it is my hope that you're inspired to show up as your best self, spreading love to others and the world around you.

To empower: life is hard, but it's easier when it's done together. That's why I design KYBI products to be your extra little pep-talk on any given day.

To spread joy: when  I started KYBI in 2019, the goal was simple: to spread some joy through modern lettering. Over time, I've narrowed my focus a bit, but the end goal remains the same: to bring an extra stroke of happiness to the lives of KYBI customers.

Quality products: with every item KYBI sells, quality is top of mind. Stickers, mugs and paper products are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality, while all other items are handmade with love in San Marcos, TX.

KYBI's Promise To You

When you shop with KynYouBelieveIt, you're not just buying a simple product. You're buying an item that was created with love from start to finish. An item that supports IRL people with some really big dreams. And we love you for it.

That's why we work our hardest for you. Most items are shipped out within 1-3 business days, and everything is packaged with the utmost care. From handmade products that look as good on day 365 as they did on day 1, to freebies in every. single. order. – it's our promise that you'll be fully satisfied with your purchase from KYBI. (And we take promises really serious around here.)

 So take a look around. I guarantee you'll be so happy that you shopped with KYBI. (And on the rare chance that you're not, I've got you covered.)


Kyndra Bailey

Owner + Maker

Kyndra is the founder of and creative  mind behind KYBI. When  not taking care of business, she enjoys snuggling up with her two doggos, sitting down to watch a cheesy rom-com, and making target runs for no reason.

Whitney Chewston


Whitney is a rescue dog who loves cheese, destroying things when nobody is looking, and napping at any hour of the day. Her favorite napping place is right under Kyndra's desk.

Momma Bailey

Encourager + Writer

Momma Bailey is Kyndra's mom who occasionally helps with fulfillment and blog content. In her free time, she loves being outside and taking care of her pet chickens. She especially loves helping others and bringing smiles to other's faces.

Gizmo Bailey


Gizmo is a chihuahua who likes barking for no reason and sitting in Kyndra's lap while she does computer work. He loves playing with his Grinch chew toy because he knows it's never too early for Christmas.