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The Holidays (2021's Version)

The Holidays (2021's Version)

| Kyndra Bailey

Wow wow wow – can’t believe it’s October already. Time flies when you’re living through a pandemic and doing your best to stay positive in an endlessly stressful world.

Speaking of stress… the holiday season is officially right around the corner!! *laughs nervously* “Q4” starts for small shops at the end of this week, and this year will bring a few extra challenges. I wanted to take a quick moment to address them, and let you know what I’m doing to combat them this year. :)


1. Your shipments may have delays.

Last year, all shipping carriers faced delays that ranged from a few days to a few weeks. Small slow downs are expected every year, but the wide-spread delays seen last year took many shop owners by surprise. This year – these same delays are expected. If you order something and it gets delayed in the mail, please be patient. The mail carriers will be working their hardest to get your packages to you – promise.

My recommendation: do your shopping 2-3 weeks sooner than you normally would, that way you don’t have to stress if your order gets delayed in the mail. (And then if it comes on time, that’s one more thing you can cross off your list!)

2. Your favorites might go out of stock sooner.

Due to a variety of factors, there have been wide-spread supply chain shortages this year, and they’re expected to continue through the holiday season. As a result, when things go out of stock, shop owners may not be able to offer restocks, but we’ll do our best to offer alternatives when possible.

My recommendation: when you see something you know you want, buy it. It may not be available the next week (or even the next day).

3. Cut-offs will be earlier.

To combat the first two issues, many shops will be setting their holiday order cutoffs to be during the first two weeks of December. Orders placed later in the month can’t be guaranteed to arrive on time. (Some shops may even choose to move their big holiday sales further up in the season to encourage earlier shopping.)

My recommendation: take note of those deadlines, and do your shopping well before then.

4. Small shops literally couldn’t do it without you.

We are so grateful for your kindness and support all year long, but during the holidays especially. We work hard to bring you products you love, and are so thankful that you give us the opportunity to do so. Thank you so much for letting us be a small part of your yearly traditions (even during hard years such as this one).


Remain patient if your shipment gets delayed; most shipping issues will resolve themselves. (And remember that the only shipment information shop owners have access to is what’s on the carriers’ websites.)

If you still need help, review the shop’s FAQs and policies for next steps, then reach out to the shop owner as needed. (A general rule of thumb is that email tends to be the best form of communication, but this varies.)


The holiday collection will be launching a week earlier this year (on October 20) so I can have more time to attempt restocks as needed.

I won’t be participating in a Black Friday sale, and instead will have my biggest sale of the season one-to-two weeks earlier in November.

My holiday cutoff will be during the week of December 6; the exact date is tentative depending on how the year goes, but I’m setting this early deadline so you’re encouraged to shop sooner, and so I can have some extra time to enjoy the holidays. (It’s a win win!)

If you run into issues, the best way is to contact me by email:

Despite the struggles of this upcoming year, I’m giddy as I wait for the busy season to truly roll around. Every year I have to pinch myself that this is my real life. I’m endlessly grateful for your support, and can’t wait to send you some KYBI goodies this holiday season.

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