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Sticker Ledges DIY (SVGs & Instructions)

  • $20.00
digital file only; no physical product will be sent. file is sent automatically after checkout.

Want to take your market sticker display up a notch and have access to a laser cutter? This digital download is just for you! These sticker ledges are designed to fit in standard 3/16" thick pegboard, and come apart flat for easy travel. The best part? They make your stickers look amazing, and when paired with the right display, they'll be sure to bring in more sales!

– pdf file with instructions and material recommendations
– glowforge-ready cut-files for 10 sticker ledge sets + dividers
– single svg files for additional parts
– DIY tutorial to build your own pegboard easel

*due to the nature of this item, it is excluded from KYBI product coupons

10 ledges fill one 2x4' pegboard with room for signage. Each ledge fits 4-6 designs; 20 of each design. Click here for a pegboard sizing printout.

Ledge dimensions are as follows:

  • base is ~1 inch deep with 0.75 inches of space where the product sits.
  • front is 1.5 inches tall with slots every inch to allow for divider insertion
  • each ledge is 17.75 inches long with 17 inches of space where product can be displayed
  • all material is ~1/8 inches thick.
  • one complete ledge weighs 3.5 ounces

Recommended for each ledge set:

  • 1 draftboard base
  • 1 acrylic front
  • 3 brackets (1 extra per ledge in case of breakage)
  • 5 dividers (optional)

These ledges reflect hundreds of hours of my personal labor, so respecting the boundaries listed below is a requirement in my sharing these files with you. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the deactivation of your download links and legal action if necessary. 


  • use these files for your own use within your market set-up, storefront, etc.
  • modify the SVG files within Adobe Illustrator, etc. for your own needs and personal use within your market set-up, storefront, etc.
  • direct people to my website when they inquire about where you got the ledges or cut-file.


  • distribute or resell the cut files (including modifications) to other people.
  • distribute or resell the finished ledges (including modifications) to other people.
  • pass off any modifications as your own sole creation.

By purchasing this digital download, you agree to these terms of use.

Any Questions?

Great question! The main thing you'll need access to is a laser cutter that is capable of cutting pieces 18 inches long; you might own a laser cutter, or you might have a craft friend who can help you out!

The digital download includes SVG cut files, material recommendations, and instructions. If you want to get a head start on buying your materials, I recommend buying 2-3 sheets of this acrylic, and a full set of this draftboard.

Great news! If you'd like to get the sticker ledges pre-made, you can purchase them through this link. I will then submit your order to a laser cutting company that I work with, and they'll get your ledges to you within 1-2 weeks. Keep in mind, you'll still need to build your display, so check out this free resource!

These ledges are designed to fit standard pegboard from the hardware store: 3/16 inch thick pegboard with 1/4 inch holes that are 1 inch apart. Please click here for my recommended pegboard. Other pegboard styles (e.g. IKEA pegboard, etc) will not work.

If you need to check your pegboard before purchasing, please reference page 5 of the document preview seen below before purchasing.

In my personal experience, stickers displayed on these ledges hold up great in high winds! (We've had shows where other products have blown away but the stickers have stayed completely put.)

I believe this is due to a mix of the dividers/brackets blocking wind, the narrow ledge not giving the stickers any room to move, and our pegboard easel allowing wind to escape through holes. Additionally, our stickers tend to be 3 inches at the widest point, and they are made of a heavier vinyl material (not paper).

Ultimately, I can only speak from my personal experience, and I currently can't make any promises about wind-tolerance, as this factor will vary greatly on your display, sticker type, etc. That said, if your stickers and display match what I've just described, you should be golden!

Sure! For information on accessing your digital files, please visit this link. If you are still having trouble accessing your files after reading through this document, feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to help out.

Great news! After purchasing these files, you'll have lifetime access to them along with any updates they may receive (updates will arrive via email if/when they are published). Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Note: failure to follow the terms of use will result in deactivation of your download links.

No worries! For more extensive FAQs, check out this link. If you still can't find your answer, feel free to email us at We'll do our best to get back to you within 2 business days (excludes weekends/holidays).

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