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10 Unique Ways to Use Sticker Grams

10 Unique Ways to Use Sticker Grams

| Kyndra Bailey
Meet your new gifting bestie! Here are 10 unique ways to use sticker grams in your day-to-day life. (Warning: sticker grams may be addictive 😉)

Sometimes inspiration comes in the cutest ways. :) On Valentine’s Day 2023, a sweet Instagram follower of mine sent me this photo of Valentines she had made for her students using mini “you matter” stickers from the shop. I reshared it to my story, saying “mark my words, I’m gonna make actual Valentines like this next year” and folks – I did it!!!

Sticker Grams are now available in the shop, and to say I’m soooo excited for them is the understatement of the year. I feel certain that this is my Next Big Thing, so much so that I’ve already started the process of trademarking “sticker gram.”

The KYBI community has been equally excited about the sticker grams, telling me all the ways they plan to use them, so I figured I’d gather those responses up and share 10 ways to use sticker grams outside of Valentine’s Day (because yes, while they were designed with Valentines in mind, I specifically made them to be year-round/multi-purpose).

As Valentine’s Day cards

Okay obviously I already covered this one, but just in case you scrolled past that quick intro, sticker grams are going to be the perfect thing to share with your friends, loved ones, coworkers and more on Valentine’s Day.

Technically any of the sticker grams could work for Valentine’s Day if you reallyyyy want them to, but my top picks for use as Valentines are the “dino-mite” sticker gram and the “so glad you’re my bud” sticker gram.

As client gifts

Since a lot of my products center around mental health, it’s no surprise that a large chunk of my audience works in the mental health field. One of the sentiments I’ve heard this most is “I can’t wait to hand these out to clients during their appointments!” and I just love that idea.

You don’t have to work in the mental health field to use this idea – I think any job where you work one-on-one with people is a great way to hand these out! (That said, if you are in the mental health field, might I suggest the “you matter” sticker gram and the affirmations sticker gram?)

As gift tags

This is the most wildcard suggestion I’ve thought of but definitely the most creative. If you pair sticker grams with these adhesive hang tabs, you’ll have the cutest gift tags around! Plus, with seasonal sticker grams on the way later this year, this is a wonderful idea to keep in the back of your mind for the holidays.

As celebratory gifts

Every win deserves to be celebrated, and I can’t help but think about how perfect some of these sticker grams are for celebratory gifts – whether it’s a birthday, promotion, or anything in between. The “way to grow” sticker gram and “yay you” sticker gram were specifically designed with celebratory situations in mind.

As a token of thanks

As nice as it is to buy someone a cup of coffee as a token of thanks, those cups are just getting more and more expensive. Sticker grams are a more affordable way to show your thanks, plus, they last longer!

I’d recommend the “sticking by me” sticker gram or the “bees knees” sticker gram for anyone you want to say thank you to. This could even include people you may not know very well like baristas, delivery drivers, etc!

As gifts for strangers

You know how people sometimes leave small tokens out and about for strangers to find & bring some extra joy to their day? Imagine that, but with sticker grams! It makes my heart sing to think about how much joy that would bring someone. The “you’re a star” sticker gram is the perfect gender-neutral design to leave lying around for some lucky strangers.

As motivational team gifts

Sticker grams will be the perfect way to show apprecition for your team at work. Maybe you all just finished up a hard project, or maybe you’re all in the thick of it and need a pick-me-up. Or maybe you want to share sticker grams with them just because! Regardless, the “you matter” sticker gram and the “dino-mite” sticker gram are perfect motivational team gifts.

As snail mail

Want to surprise your loved ones with a sweet gift in between all that junk mail? Sticker grams will be the perfect way to do it! Pair up your favorite sticker gram with a greeting card from the KYBI shop, and you’ll be sure to make your loved one’s day in about 5 business days.

As teacher appreciation gifts

Teaching is a work of heart, and teachers deserve all the love in the world when teacher appreciation week rolls around. If you want to get on your kid’s teacher’s good side, what better way than to pair an affirmations sticker gram with a Target gift card? (Or better yet, a collection of items from the KYBI shop?)

As a gift for yourself

You know what they say – treat yourself! :) At the widest points, the main stickers on sticker grams are 2.25” or smaller, and obviouslyyyy sticker grams are waterproof and weather-proof just like the rest of KYBI's stickers. That means they’ll be perfect for filling in those pesky empty spots wherever you collect your stickers. YAY!

I hope this blog is useful in getting started on your sticker gram gifting! If you're ready to stock up on sticker grams, be sure to head to this link to shop. As you can see, the uses are basically endless, and I’m sure y’all will use them in even more ways than this. If I missed anything, be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!

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