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Delivery Driver Snack Box

Delivery Driver Snack Box

| Kyndra Bailey

One of the unsung heroes of KynYouBeliveIt is the delivery drivers who are always dropping off shipping supplies, inventory, and other things needed for the biz. I wanted to do something to thank them for all their hard work, so I created a grab + go snack box for them!

I put lots of options to choose from in our ice chest. For snacks, I went with a variety of chips, goldfish, corn nuts, granola bars and fruit snacks. For drinks, I added water, Gatorade, and Capri-Sun. I also put in a couple of ice packs so the drinks can be cold, and I'll be switching them out every morning.

To create your own grab + go box for your delivery drivers, first you'll need to download the delivery driver sign. You can either click here to be taken to the (free) listing, or you can click the photos below and be taken to a Google Drive file.

Print it at whatever size you'd like, then add your family's name on the bottom. You can waterproof the sign by taping it to foam board and covering it completely with packing tape, or you can place it into a sheet protector and seal the opening with packing tape. (If you'd like to use the sign for future years, reach out to local print shops and see if you can have it printed onto yard sign material!)

Once you have your sign, fill an ice chest or basket with as many snacks and drinks as you'd like. Then mount the sign near the snacks/drinks – you can use tape, rope, nails, etc. That's it!

Once you have your station set up, snap a picture and post it to instagram & encourage your friends to do the same! (And of course – be sure to tag me, @kynyoubelieveit, so I can see!)

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