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"Oh Deer" Late Gift Download

"Oh Deer" Late Gift Download

Hey everyone! Super quick blog post today. Here's a free download that I'm hoping you don't need this holiday season, but if you do, I'm your gal!

USPS (and all other shipping networks) are experiencing hefty delays due to the influx of online shopping this year. Add the pandemic into the equation, and it's resulting in A LOT of late arrival packages. A business owners' AND shoppers' worst nightmare!

If Christmas Day is inching closer, and you begin to think you won't have someone's present on time, just download the image below, print it out, and give it to your loved one along with a picture of what you bought them! If you purchased from a small shop, be sure to mention that their gift also helped to support some big dreams!

Cheers, and happy gifting!

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