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Galentine's Gift Guide

Galentine's Gift Guide

| Kyndra Bailey

Happy Monday, friends!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which also means Galentine's Day (my fourth favorite day of the year) is fast approaching. Whoop whoop! I've never found Valentine's Day to be much fun (in fact, my significant other and I usually skip any Valentine's celebrations), but Galentine's Day has been something I've been behind ever since Leslie Knope coined the term on Parks and Rec.

Confused about what Galentine's Day is? I've got you! It takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine's day, and it's a chance for ladies to celebrate their favorite ladies! As someone who is all about women supporting women, you can understand why I prefer Galentine's Day over Valentine's.

If your name is Leslie Knope, your form of a Galentine's celebration might be a brunch with waffles, mimosas, and some super well-thought-out gifts. Of course, we can't all be as great of gift givers as Leslie Knope. (I know I'm not!) So if you're lost on what to get your favorite gals, I've compiled a list below for all kinds of gals in varying price points.

If there's something I left off of the list, feel free to comment below with a link for your favorite things!

1. For the TV lover

After Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, everyone knows the next BFF goals are Meredith Grey and Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. "You're my person" is what they tell each other to basically say "you're the one who I'll turn to for anything." If that sounds like you and your bestie, you can snag this mug here.

2. For the jewelry aficionado

A solid gift for any gal pal is a nice set of statement earrings! With all its super cute details, this pair makes the perfect one to gift for Galentine's day! The best part? There are 12 different colors to choose from, so you can be sure to get your friend's favorite color. (And then maybe a pair for yourself too.) Snag them from Knots of Class here!

3. For the sticker lover

If you're gifting on a budget, or have several Galentines, you can't go wrong with a good sticker! Jordyn has a wide collection of stickers that are absolutely adorable, but my personal favorite is this sunflower one. It's the perfect thing to gift to your friends who are the biggest source of sunshine in your life. You can snag this sticker here, or shop Jordyn's full collection of stickers here.

4. For the caffeine addict

One of the most classic gift ideas is giving shirts that match a friends' personality. You can really never go wrong with an idea like that one, because there are graphic tees for pretty much every occasion! This shirt makes the perfect gift for your coffee or soda loving friend, comes in five different colors, and can be shopped for here!

5. For the dog and cat moms

If you're looking to give a bit more of a sentimental gift for Galentine's day, ordering a pet portrait is the way to go! There's nothing sweeter than having your pets drawn up to be hung on the wall. I personally love this one from Some Kinda Creative. You can add as many animals as you need (of all kinds!) and she letters their names onto it as well. Shop it here!

6. For the crafty gals

If you have a friend who loves to craft and do DIYs, this book from ChalkFullOfLove is the perfect Galentine's gift! Once a girl learns how to letter, the world becomes her oyster. Not to mention - lettering is thereputic, so you're also kind of giving them a spa day of sorts. Snag it here!

7. For the list makers

This "Yikes" notepad is the one constant in my life, and think it'd be the perfect Galentine gift for any list lovers! Sometimes we start writing out to-do lists, and suddenly we have a full page, and the only word that captures your mood when that happens is "yikes." Basically, the notepad speaks for you, and if your Galentine will love it, you can snag one here.

8. For the girl gang

One of my favorite gifts of all to give isn't a thing at all. I love gifting experiences. Tickets to shows, the promise of a dinner date, and even a trip walking up and down the aisles of Target for no reason. If you can't find the perfect thing to give your Galentines, consider treating the whole group to a movie night, a Galentine's brunch, or a group game night. Truly, the skies the limit with this one, and you'll be sure to leave with some wonderful memories made. 

Did I miss something? Or someone? Leave your suggestions for Galentine's gifts in the comments below!

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